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DS Celebration Cake

June 26, 2008

Man, this cake really, er, takes the cake when it comes to baked goodies that reflect the tech world. Featuring the bottom half of a DS Lite (hey, where’s the top half? Did somebody at the bakery wolf that down already?), you get a complete icing that features a giant Mario on his favorite stomping grounds in New Super Mario Bros. Big enough for 14 servings, you can be sure that any geeky birthday kid will go nuts over this special layered sponge cake. It is currently available to our friends across the pond as they can purchase it from Sainsbury’s in the UK.

[DS Fanboy]

Bra juggles, joins circus

June 25, 2008

No, I don’t mean a piece of lingerie made from environmentally friendly materials, but more of a future bra which is able to harness the power of kinetic energy generated by jiggling boobies to power – say, an iPod at the gym while ladies are hitting the treadmill? Of course, it will take considerable effort to find just the right material which has the optimal amount of spring and support, in addition to the ladies doing their part by being busty enough (au naturale or not, that’s another story). You know those rapper videos featuring models with huge jugs strutting their thang? They’re the most optimal test subjects where such a bra is concerned. Unfortunately, it is just an idea being bandied about, but maybe we might see something like this appear under Triumph’s summer catalog one day.


Cardboard Safari offers deer puzzler

June 25, 2008

Hunting can be a real bloody sport, so if you’re the type who want a semblance of the actual experience without spilling any blood, there is always the Deer Hunter franchise on the PC. Unfortunately, that won’t net you any deer head trophies, so Cardboard Safari has come up with an ingenious method – deer head puzzles. Each of these puppies come with antlers to complete the look, and it uses only recycled cardboard to keep up with the overall green theme. According to designers Chris Jessee and Luis Rodrigalvarez, these cardboard pieces were laser cut to fit into each other, so make sure you have the patience to solve such puzzles lest you throw a tantrum in front of your kid. The price range falls between $14 to $46, depending on the size. Best of all is, you don’t need to fear keeping a gun in your home.

[Inventor Spot]

Princess Leia, I thee wed…in space

June 20, 2008

I wonder whether Rocketplane Kistler Japan would’ve been a major player when it comes to space weddings during the era of Luke Skywalker, but that’s best left to the figment of the imagination. The company is very real, and it being a space transportation provider decided to expand its list of services by hooking up with wedding planner First Advantage to host weddings aboard the Rocketplane XP suborbital spaceplane. Such an exotic location won’t come cheap though, as it costs $2.2 million for a complete wedding ceremony aboard a 1-hour space flight. Of course, for that amount of cash you’re rewarded with a complimentary photo and video album, a truly original dress (Princess Leia’s slave suit would be nice), a wedding certificate and miscellanous ceremonial items. It will take 4 days of rehearsal for the entire thingamajic, which is way too stressful as the couple would probably want to get it done and over with soonest possible. Space wedding services are tipped for a 2011 launch, but applications can be received from early July onwards.

[Pink Tentacle]