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USB Necktie Cooler

June 23, 2008

I seriously wonder who decided that ties were the in-thing of the male fashion world – after all, isn’t this piece of cloth extremely hazardous to one’s health? Imagine getting strangled by it accidentally due to some freak circumstances like an underground train’s doors closing on the tip of your tie and moving on without the driver realizing it. Good thing this USB Necktie Cooler from Thanko is office bound, as you hook it up to a nearby USB port, powering the built-in fan located at the tie’s knot. Should you decide to wear this geeky silk tie outside of the office, there is always a battery pack holding four AAA batteries to help you stay cool. This Japan-only release will retail for $28 and $34 (for the necktie alone and necktie with battery pack, respectively).

[Product Page] via [Crunchgear]