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Baby Einstein toy for your budding genius

June 26, 2008

Is it just me, or are parents these days just too eager to pressure their kids in staying up in front of others? Some even start from the womb itself, continuing this unforgiving regiment with the Baby Einstein Kids toy. The whole idea is to promote a multi-tasking, all-rounder baby-sitting for a toddler. I’m not too sure if that’s too healthy for the little one though, as he/she might end up with some rather impaired social skills after relating to such a toy fro too long a time. Still, if you’re interested in all things baby toys, the Baby Einstein will set you back by a mere $12.


Xip3 jacket versatile for backpackers

June 25, 2008

The Xip3 jacket might look stylish in its bright orange color (too bad the Dutch fell to the Russians in the Euro 2008 quarter finals, or they could use this to sleep outside the stadium as they prepare for a showdown with Spain), but it does more than just keep you warm. The Xip3 also doubles up as a backpack, thanks to the Powerstretch panel that offers more than enough space to store essential items (not extras) without tearing. Being waterproof and breathable at the same time, you don’t have to worry about dying of a cold outside against the biting, bitter winds. It can also be turned into a comfortable pillow on-the-fly, making this the perfect Christmas gift for any sidewalk hobo.

Product Page via Inventor Spot

Puff away electronically

June 25, 2008

Man, back when I was a kid and introduced to the world of computers, I understood that art can be digitized, but cigarettes? Those are foul smelling cancer sticks we’re talking about here, is there really a chance of that happening? Apparently so, with the Electronic Cigarette on offer. Claims include “giving you the same feeling of a tobacco cigarette without suffering any tar smoking damages.” I wonder if any smoker has tried that – is it true? I do have my niggling doubts, since substitutes are never as good as the real thing (just like artificial sweeteners in your coffee). It takes around 8 hours to charge the first time round, and you can choose from high, medium and low refills. Meant for those who want to kick the habit, or it could potentially be a precursor for the curious before they discover the joys of actual nicotine.  $42 is the asking price for each set.

Pyramid TimeTrax Bio Ethernet Time Clocks

June 23, 2008

Bosses who want to keep a tight rein on their workers cannot understate the value of employee time attendance systems, but even the best of measures can be overcome by some ingenuity including “buddy punching”. The Pyramid TimeTrax Bio Ethernet Time Clocks aims to eliminate such occurences, as being “Ethernet-ready allows for multi-terminal capabilities that will grow as your business grows.” All you need to do is connect the Pyramid TimeTrax Ethernet unit to any networked Ethernet jack and you’re good to go. This makes it a snap to transfer employee data from one time clock to another, letting employers set up mutiple time stations. In addition, this unique time clock is compatible with other time attendance system software such as PAYCHEX, Quickbooks and ADP among others. Kiss goodbye to “buddy punching” with the new biometric-enabled Pyramid Ethernet Time Clock. Guess you might think of getting a mold of your fingerprint now to fool this system, eh?

[Press Release]

Bank Quest Piggy Bank

June 23, 2008

Strange how we’ve gone from a nation who hoards cash and places value on honest and hard work into what we are today – people knee-deep in debt, relying on rolling credit cards to keep our high flying lifestyle going. Perhaps if we had the Bank Quest Piggy Bank to help us out in our youth, we’d have a much more positive view when it comes to saving cash for a rainy day. This nifty little device features an LCD display that allows you to play in a RPG, and other than dungeon crawling, you can also purchase newer and better equipment – with one condition: you must put money inside first. The Bank Quest Piggy Bank can hold up to approximately 500 clams at best when it hits retail stores this August. No idea on the pricing details though.


USB Necktie Cooler

June 23, 2008

I seriously wonder who decided that ties were the in-thing of the male fashion world – after all, isn’t this piece of cloth extremely hazardous to one’s health? Imagine getting strangled by it accidentally due to some freak circumstances like an underground train’s doors closing on the tip of your tie and moving on without the driver realizing it. Good thing this USB Necktie Cooler from Thanko is office bound, as you hook it up to a nearby USB port, powering the built-in fan located at the tie’s knot. Should you decide to wear this geeky silk tie outside of the office, there is always a battery pack holding four AAA batteries to help you stay cool. This Japan-only release will retail for $28 and $34 (for the necktie alone and necktie with battery pack, respectively).

[Product Page] via [Crunchgear]

Light up defiantly in storms

June 20, 2008

Walking chimneys, take note! If you’re one who absolutely must have a cancer stick no matter the situation, then I would highly recommend the Delta Stormproof Lighter. Forget about Zippos – those’re old school, these babies are able to ignite a flame despite being in the presence of 70-80 mph winds (what are you doing out there in the first place is another question), capable of hitting 2000°F on the thermometer while remaining water tight when closed. It is encased with a tough elastomer armor for outstanding impact resistance, so you can hurl it a thief who’s running away to knock him out without having it suffer any damage. $49.95 is all it needs to expedite your path to the grave, but you can also bring this on camping trips if my nicotine-laden brain serves me right. One thing though – if you’re so adamant on lighting up in such fierce winds, chances are a wayward flying branch or projectile will do you in before those cigarettes do.

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