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Apple iTunes…over 5 billion served

June 20, 2008

Steve Jobs must be smiling all the way to the bank as he can’t seem to do any wrong – phenomenal sales of the iPod, killer iPhone figures, and now the latest statistics that will further swell his bank account – the iTunes marketplace has just broken the magical 5 billion sales figure. And to think that iTunes started just 5 years ago. I believe it is the solid marketing arm of Apple that really kickstarted everything into where they are today, in addition to a great MP3 player (back then – the iPod is now a portable media player for the uninitiated). Of course, album cover art like the one you see on the right might help, but that is far from the main factor. Here’s to another 5 billion (and more), Apple. Now make iTunes available in each country already!


AT&T giving steep discounts for the 3G iPhone

June 20, 2008

Just how much dough is AT&T losing, anyways? A recent analyst note from Oppenheimer has bandied the $325 figure which AT&T has given as a discount in order to hit the July 11th figures of $199 and $299 for the 8GB and 16GB models, respectively. I suppose the steep discounts by AT&T’s side show that they are going to place their faith in the 3G iPhone to take off like never before, attracting new subscribers while increasing ARPU in order to offset the initial paper loss. In addition, the analyst did mention that AT&T will be forking out another $100 for each iPhone sold in Apple stores – no idea why though. Perhaps the top brass at AT&T are desperate to cling on to this exclusive contract, or they just have plenty of love for the Jobster himself?