Puff away electronically

Man, back when I was a kid and introduced to the world of computers, I understood that art can be digitized, but cigarettes? Those are foul smelling cancer sticks we’re talking about here, is there really a chance of that happening? Apparently so, with the Electronic Cigarette on offer. Claims include “giving you the same feeling of a tobacco cigarette without suffering any tar smoking damages.” I wonder if any smoker has tried that – is it true? I do have my niggling doubts, since substitutes are never as good as the real thing (just like artificial sweeteners in your coffee). It takes around 8 hours to charge the first time round, and you can choose from high, medium and low refills. Meant for those who want to kick the habit, or it could potentially be a precursor for the curious before they discover the joys of actual nicotine.  $42 is the asking price for each set.

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