Cardboard Safari offers deer puzzler

Hunting can be a real bloody sport, so if you’re the type who want a semblance of the actual experience without spilling any blood, there is always the Deer Hunter franchise on the PC. Unfortunately, that won’t net you any deer head trophies, so Cardboard Safari has come up with an ingenious method – deer head puzzles. Each of these puppies come with antlers to complete the look, and it uses only recycled cardboard to keep up with the overall green theme. According to designers Chris Jessee and Luis Rodrigalvarez, these cardboard pieces were laser cut to fit into each other, so make sure you have the patience to solve such puzzles lest you throw a tantrum in front of your kid. The price range falls between $14 to $46, depending on the size. Best of all is, you don’t need to fear keeping a gun in your home.

[Inventor Spot]

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