Antro Solo goes the extra mile (and more)

What comes across your mind when you mention Hungary? Not much, I suppose, and definitely state-of-the-art green vehicles are among the last things you would utter. Still, the Antro Solo could change all that by the time 2012 rolls around, being a combination of solar, human and gas-electric hybrid vehicle. It has arresting looks and the performance which will make you smile – a phenomenal 150 miles per gallon! This three seater is made out of carbon fiber, weighing a mere 270kg with a top speed of 87mph. Thanks to the solar panels located on top of its roof, it is able to travel up to 25km without consuming a drop of fuel. Passengers can also save on their gym membership as there are built-in pedals for them to power the generator. Should it be a cloudy day and everyone else is pooped, the Antro Solo will then rely on its petrol/ethanol-powered combustion engine.


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