Princess Leia, I thee wed…in space

I wonder whether Rocketplane Kistler Japan would’ve been a major player when it comes to space weddings during the era of Luke Skywalker, but that’s best left to the figment of the imagination. The company is very real, and it being a space transportation provider decided to expand its list of services by hooking up with wedding planner First Advantage to host weddings aboard the Rocketplane XP suborbital spaceplane. Such an exotic location won’t come cheap though, as it costs $2.2 million for a complete wedding ceremony aboard a 1-hour space flight. Of course, for that amount of cash you’re rewarded with a complimentary photo and video album, a truly original dress (Princess Leia’s slave suit would be nice), a wedding certificate and miscellanous ceremonial items. It will take 4 days of rehearsal for the entire thingamajic, which is way too stressful as the couple would probably want to get it done and over with soonest possible. Space wedding services are tipped for a 2011 launch, but applications can be received from early July onwards.

[Pink Tentacle]


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