Gallons per mile better way to save

Are you walking around with just an arm and a leg left, no thanks to the sky high fuel prices? Well, instead of giving up your first born the next time you’re at the gas station, why not introduce a paradigm shift to your thinking? U.S. researchers claim that thinking in gallons-per-mile (and I thought the military were the only ones doing that) will do you a lot more good that searching for the next fuel efficient ride. According to Richard Larrick, a management professor at Duke University, “There is a math illusion here. Most people think improvements in miles per gallon are all the same, where a 5 gallon per mile improvement would yield the same gas savings in a car that gets 10 miles per gallon or 20 miles per gallon. The reality that few people appreciate is that improving fuel efficiency from 10 to 20 miles per gallon is actually a more significant savings than improving from 25 to 50 miles per gallon for the same distance of driving.” Did you get all of that down? I’m still trying to figure it out, and my brains are oozing outta my ears.



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